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18 juillet 2009 6 18 /07 /juillet /2009 20:13

I guess that, if you read this text, you didn't really understand the french one above (or, maybe you're only curious of how I translated it )

Well, anyway, here it is. (But it's not really a translation, just a rephrasing in english).

In my opinion, things are pretty simple; there is no need to worry much about corruption and all social disfunction, since it's all a derived problem from a basic one, which is a bad commercial exchanging rule. And, therefore, that has to be changed.

Indeed, we have some kind of "obvious" commercial exchange rule, like a seller gets money in the pocket after having given a product to a buyer. It seems to be normal to do it that way, but it isn't. It's just a rule that we accepted (for any reason), and which causes right now all troubles and diseases we may observe all around the world.

Why does it cause troubles ? Because, if one of those actors is much stronger than the other one, the weaker has no chance to win. Even worse, he/she can get so poor that he/she dies.

So, imagine just a minute, some other rule, that makes all problems obsolete.

I propose one: there is no seller anymore. Instead, we need a bank where the product itself has an account (a negativ one), that the buyer has to fill up in order to get the product.

With such transactions, no one can get richer. Consuming would only mean burning money, whereas one has to work to make money. And that's it.

Now, you may ask "how does the product get an account?"

Simply, as soon as a decision is made to "sell" it. Selling only means giving it (it doesn't cost any money). In this new brave world, we don't get richer by selling, only by working.

And your last question would be: "how do you want to implement such a rule?". I can only answer, that one has to wait until this idea appears as an evidence. Then, it will be implemented automatically. I know, one can wait for a long time...

"Each new idea is mocked at first, then, after a couple of time, violently attacked, before it is, after a long time, considered as an evidence". (of course, it can also be ignored, but that's only another way to mock it)

Arthur Schopenhauer.

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Published by Dragan Matic - dans What is holocracy
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17 mai 2009 7 17 /05 /mai /2009 13:23

It doesn't seem to be easy to define a suitable society for all of us. There are so many different people who have to live together, and everyone claims for some improvement in one's live. Furthermore, some of us think they should take the responsibility to govern the others, whereas some like to let others be their “master”, and are well at ease by complaining and awaiting for some help.

The democracy we are living in is, therefore, a natural consequence of the global behaviour of all of us. But now, as we see it can't go on that way, since many things went quite wrong, and now that we see, all of us have their responsibility for the current situation, it's a good time to analyse it and try to do things better. But, really better!

Really better, that means: each one can do what he/she wants without abuse or being abused. It also means, renounce on solid hierarchical structures, or “well defined” society models. The best one is the dynamically created one. Well, I know, it sounds too marvellous to be true. But, just go on reading, you'll judge at the end.

I am not talking about anarchy. I rather call that holarchy.

It's something where some basic rules are well defined, and the rest is done by ourselves with the respect of these rules.

Now, what are these rules? Let's see. We just need 3:

  1. 1. holocratic transactions

  2. 2. nuisance potentials and non crossable thresholds

  3. 3. multidimensional money

holocratic transactions

That's the main one (which was quickly exposed at the entry side of this weblog). An holocratic transaction is the one that doesn't need any seller. A product is represented by a negative account value which has to be filled up. The one who does it, acquires the product. And no one can take this money.

nuisance potentials

Each human activity is potentially detrimental. And, what is meant here, is that we have to implement a mechanism that prevent us from driving too far in a detrimental direction. So, there has to be some thresholds that prevent us causing too much damage to the nature, to groups or individuals.

multidimensional money

The best way of implementing all that is to reflect it on our currency. Therefore, the latter should be multidimensional. We should have one dimension per potential damage we can cause, in order to measure it and to limit it. And we should have a dimension measuring our intrinsic work within the society, independently to the damage it causes.

Thus, we would have a 4 values account instead of one. And that could change the whole world's face.

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Published by Dragan Matic - dans What is holocracy
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